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Scalaria Air Challenge
Waldo Lake closed to seaplanes

Welcome to our web-site!

The Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association, named after the Columbia River, promotes the safety and use of seaplanes in the Oregon and Idaho region. CSPA originated by the efforts of Dave Wiley in 1980. Dave's many accomplishments include promoting Oregon state seaplane legislation. CSPA's legal efforts to maintain waterway access is supported by member donations and the national Seaplane Pilot Association. CSPA welcomes you to explore our website, as a tool to encourage safe and enjoyable seaplane operations. 

CSPA is a group of pilots devoted to the major joys of float flying, which include but are not limited to, hanging out with our fellow pilots - seaplane and otherwise, luring unsuspecting pilots into our rarified float-equipped world, occasionally experiencing the somewhat lesser but still fulfilling joy of working on floatplanes, or more likely paying someone else to work on floatplanes, which is juxtaposed with the way lesser but necessary joy of doing battle with the Empire, or those who would limit our access to public waterways.

In the category of joyous float flying, it is our intention to introduce members and others to some especially beautiful and inspiring places. We're confident you'll agree that these are places worth fighting for.

Seaplane shadow on Waldo Lake, Oregon
Waldo Lake 2008  (note seaplane shadow on bottom of crystal clear lake) 

Flying Americas Waterways
A good introduction to seaplanes is this 
Seaplane Pilots Association's 
"Flying America's Waterways."

Vancouver Harbour Flight CentreCheck out whats coming to Vancouver Harbor.

Public Lake Cabins of AlaskaSee the Public Lake Cabins of Alaska
Google Maps 

if you have Google Earth downloaded
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KMZ of the Lake Cabins.

then select Public Lake Cabins in left "Places" box.

Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF)
Visit the RAF web-site and read about how you can help keep our national forests open to aviation recreation.

Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association Court of Appeals
and more Columbia Seaplane Pilot Association - Waldo Lake information

Please help the Seaplane Pilot Association 
by adding to it's National database of great 
WaterFlying Destinations. Send your suggestions to:spa@seaplanes.org and info@C-SPA.org