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President:  Aron Faegre Aron Faegre
Aron Faegre was a wannabe seaplane pilot from age 5, when he began helping in the portaging of canoes between fishing lakes in Northern Ontario, near his family's cabin.  He knew there must be a better way and when a float plane flew over one day, he knew he had seen it.  Unfortunately it took 40 more years for him to achieve that dream.  His day job is as an architect, engineer, and landscape architect, running a small design firm in downtown Portland.  One of the firm's specialties is airport planning, and the other, wilderness camps. Aron has served as the CSPA President since 1999.  He enjoyed the benefit of a close personal friendship as neighbor to founding member Dave Wiley for nearly 15 years.  He has led our group through some difficult times and with the help of his trusty VP, has taken up the mantle of seaplane access with renewed vigor.

Vice-President:  Bill Wainwright.  Bill Wainwright
Bill is a grizzled (in a good way) veteran pilot who has been involved with the CSPA since the beginning in 1980.  Although there were credible rumors that put his flight time at close to 150,000 hours, it appears he is actually closer to 1850 hours on floats and, 2040 on wheels, still making him one of the more experienced pilots in our group.  In addition to his position as Vice President of the CSPA, Bill has been selected by the national Seaplane Pilots Association to be the Field Director for Oregon and Idaho.  His ratings include ASEL&S, AMEL, Commercial, and Instrument.

Treasurer:  Cliff Gerber.   CSPA Treasurer - Cliff Gerber Cliff Gerber converted to the float flying world in July of 2008, but has been a pilot for 25 years with 1500 hours of general aviation experience under his belt, traveling at ease by land, sea, and through the clouds if necessary.  With a home on the Willamette River and a friendly welcoming dock out back, there really was no good excuse not to fly seaplanes.   While still basking in the rosy glow of owning half of a 1948 Stinson station wagon on floats, it made perfect sense to be swept into the office, filling the empty post of CSPA treasurer.   He has made an incredible impact on the long awaited CSPA web-site, and will no doubt prove to be a valuable asset to our group.  Cliff has served proudly as the CSPA treasurer since May of 2009. In Septemer of 2009, Cliff purchased the RV7amphib from Trey Johnson and has loved every minute of it. Flying it from his dock on the Willamette River through Arizona, California, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, to Oshkosh, the Bahamas and back. Click THIS to see a quick video of Cliff's RV-7amphib wheels camera.

Secretary:  Mary Fischer Chlopek

Mary Fischer Chlopek

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