Learn to Fly Floats

It's near impossible to rent a seaplane, unless you are at a training facility and then they are typically not available unless you have an instructor along. To fly floats you almost need to own a plane. A great way to get started is in a partnership with an experienced seaplane pilot.  If you are a seaplane owner, consider taking on a partner and coach them in the ways of seaplane pilots.

This "Learn to Fly" e-book by Max Trescott is not specific to seaplane flying, but it is a good overview of what learning to fly and having a pilot certificate can be about.

-Book by Max Trescott

Check out this Aero-TV video about flying a J3 Cub on Floats.

Kenmore Air, Kenmore Washington

Fort Langley Air Flight TrainingCheck out the great resource links and 
flight training at
Fort Langley Air Ltd.

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Telephone: (604) 513-9886

Visit Mountain Lakes Seaplane Training in Idaho
See Mountain Lakes Seaplane videos on You Tube.

Ryan's Float Flying in Oregon City, Oregon is now teaching float ratings.  The PA-12 150 hp is a great machine for learning to fly floats.  The aircraft and instructor rent for $185 an hour and can be flown nearly 7 days a week.  We have 2 instructors available and are scheduling students now.  Licensed pilots can plan on 3 - 5 hours of instruction prior to checkride - based on skills and boating/ flying experience.   We can be reached at 503-657-6769 see map

Some Good Seaplane Documents to Study


FAA Seaplane Manual 
  Chapters 1-3     Chapters 4-6    Chapters 7-9



Gleim Seaplane Training
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