A good first read is the Seaplane Pilots Association's "Flying America's Waterways."
Flying Americas Waterways

Welcome to the CSPA Library. You'll find lots of good information about flying seaplanes in the Columbia River Basin. Select one these areas from the menu bar at the top.

Pre-Flight is a list various documents all seaplane pilots should be aware of.

Links are other websites that you may find of interest.

Books are a list of books we have enjoyed and would like to recommend.

Bull-a-tons are CSPA newsletters from the past.

History  Most of the CSPA History is is about Dave Wiley and his efforts to promote seaplane flying. We plan to add information about other advocates and stories of historical significance.

are a great way to learn from other people . Here are a couple links to seaplane forums.

Learn to Fly Floats page on this site has some good basic documents as well.