Trips Planned

This page is to help people connect and possibly travel together on their seaplane adventures.  One of the great joys of flying seaplanes is flying with others, either in the same plane or in multiple planes.  If you are planning a trip and would like others to know about it, please email and information about your trip will be posted on this page. Please include departure and destination locations, dates and any other relevant information.  Note: As a general rule, each pilot is responsible for their own aircraft and decision making.  It is not unusual for individual pilots to feel comfortable making different decisions and modifying plans accordingly.
July 1st, 2014, Tuesday
Ted Millar is taking his Beaver on floats to Nimpo Lake via Boundary Bay for customs, Harrison Hot Springs, Lillooet, and Williams Lake. He'll be flying back to Portland about a week later.  If you want to fly along or meet up anywhere along the way, give him a call at 503-709-7711

July 4th-5th, 2014, Friday and Saturday

We are planing on camping out on the Willamette River, Fri., July 4, and Sat the 5th.  Last year we had about 6-8 planes.  Land on the gravel bar/island right where the Willamette makes a 90 degree turn towards the east between McMinnville and St. Paul.  The island of sorts is about 2,000' long.   Look for several float planes and maybe 4-6 wheel planes, they land on gravel bar. Stop on by.
We plan to head up mid-day Fri., the 4th, taking the Citibria on floats.

John McKinney and Lora Lee Schmidt
Home 541-259-1085
John's cell 541-979-8640
Lora Lee's cell 541-258-6262

July 12th, 2014
Possibly looking at going to the Trinity Lake, CA splash in on July 12th. It will be two of us in an American Champion Scout straight floats. We'll possibly need to fuel between Portland and Trinity Lake. I am thinking of possibly doing a touch and go at Detroit Lake, and then perhaps breakfast at Crescent Lake (Depends on density altitude), then on down to Trinity Lake. Overnight Saturday night. Return Sunday via Coast...possibly splashing in at Gold Beach and/or North Bend. This will be my first cross country on straight floats, so I'll be pretty conservative on go/no-do decisions. Is anyone else going? Can anyone give me advice on getting 100LL in central or southern Oregon?..straight floats. 

Nathan V

July 18-20th, 2014

The BC Float Plane Association annual Meeting and Fly-In/Splash In is on Friday July 18th thru Sunday July 20th up close to Williams Lake BC.

Michele and I are leaving from Aurora, OR to Nimpo Lake, BC with our Cessna 185 Amphib on next Tuesday July 15th  will also attend the BC Floatplane event and then return to KUAO on Sunday the 20th.  Let us know if anyone wants to follow us up & back.

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 July 31st, 2014
We have a trip planned to Tsuniah Lake Lodge, BC, Canada for Thurs., July 31 for a few days.  We will stay at Port Townsend, WA before crossing over.  From Tsuniah, we will venture on to Pan Phillips Lodge on Tsetzi Lake for a few days before heading home.

John McKinney and Lora Lee Schmidt
Home 541-259-1085
John's cell 541-979-8640
Lora Lee's cell 541-258-6262