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09-04-2016 Added A.S.K. page.

02-10-2016 Added Links about CAP SAR in Alaska on 911 page.

07-28-2015 Added stories to new Dolly page.

06-23-2015 Burt Rutan's Seagull Water Flying June 2015 on In The News.

06-03-2015 Added BCFA Flyin to CSPA Events page.

05-23-2015 Added link to 2015 Rose Festival Fleet Week Notam

05-23-2015 Added links to Mitch Sweckers's "What Lakes in Oregon are prohibited to seaplanes?" and Seaplane Ops on Corps of Engineers Lakes on Destinations/Closed page.

05-21-2015 Added link to Oregon Boaters Guide on Destinations page.

05-13-15 Added link to the ACRP Sythesis 61, Developing Public-Use Seaplane Bases on the Seaplane Notes page. Added latest SPA links to bottom of Partners page.

05-12-15 Added link to SPA Water Landing Directory flyer on Destinations page.

04-07-15 Added Spring 2015 Bull-a-Ton to the Library and added 2015 Events

02-15-15 Added "Anything But Wheels" to Seaplane Factoids page.

11-04-14 Added link to SPA video about boating with seaplanes on THIS page.

07-13-14 Added AOPA Invasive Species Video to Invasive Species web page.

07-01-14 Added Trips Planned web page for people to share travel plans.
05-24-14 Added Rose Festival Fleet Week NOTAM on EVENTS web page.

05-20-14 Update EVENTS page to show Annual BBQ and ESRP to now be at Whatcom Lake.

02-15-14 Added link to "Beaver Song" on Seaplane Factoids page.

01-31-14 Added link to Scalaria airchallenge to In the News page.

01-26-14 Added SPA and SeaplaneMarket.com links to Classified page.

01-18-14 Added NWESRP page about the process to become a registered emergency volunteer pilot. Added ESRP Renton Field event date to Events page.

 05-25-13 Added notice of Waldo Lake Closure to multiple pages.

05-08-13 Updated Whatcom Base Fly-in information on 911 and Events pages.

02-20-13 Added printable PDF reference about Invasive Species.

01-31-13 Added PDF with Aviation Org letters to ODA about Waldo Lake.

12-27-12 Added page about aircraft partnerships.

11-18-12 Added In the News C-SPA web page.

11-07-12 Added Emergency Volunteer Air Corps links to Library and 911 pages

10-11-12 Added 911 Emergency Pages

 09-26-12 Added 9'12 CSPA Splash-in recap

 05-21-12 Added link to Invasive Species Test on Invasive Species page.

 05-19-12 Added Waldo Lake Flight Report Template to the Waldo Lake page.

05-19-12 Added links to Oregon Department of Aviation - Seaplane Operations

05-18-12 Added  seaplane flight Instructors page.

05-17-12 Added  ODA Temporary Regulations for Waldo Lake.
05-11-12 Added CSPA Weather Page and and link to NOAA USA weather map

 05-08-12 Added Links to CSPA annual Mtg flier and the May 2012 CSPA Bull-a-ton.

 05-02-12 Added link to Max Trescott's "Learn to Fly" e-book.

 05-02-12 Added 1951 Grumman Albatross HU-16D to Classified Planes

 04-03-12 Added Events
04-03-12 Added  Donhefner letter to OSMB on Waldo Lake page.

04-03-12 Added upcoming events.

 03-19-12 Added Banner link to Austin G Watson's Google Map of Seaplane Landing Areas

 03-15-12 Added Banner to linked Sid Blackwell Donation PDF.

03-10-12 Added preamble and link to Oregon Admission Acts.

03-06-12 Added request for comments to OSMB to Save Waldo Lake on home page
     Also added information to Waldo Lake Page and a new Comment to OSMB page

 01-16-12 Added Atlin Fly-in to Events page

 01-10-12 Added Some Good Seaplane Documents to Study Learn to Fly Floats page

01-08-12 Added Edo 2425 floats FOR SALE!

11-30-11 Added CSPA, WSPA and SPAA Newsletters to Library Bull-a-ton page.

09-29-2011 Added Cliff's Clear lake Splash-in photo gallery to CSPA Desitinations

09-12-2011 Added Cliff's photo gallery to CSPA Desitinations
                 Updated Treasurer Profile on Contacts
                 Updated Events page
08-12-2011 Updated 2011 CSPA Splash-in Location
                 Addd August'11 CSPA Bull-a-Ton. to Library

 06-29-2011 Added OPA Sunriver Convention to Events page.

06-12-2011 Added Bird Museum and Woahink Lake Splash-in to Events Page

05-08-2011 Added link to the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF).

04-27-2011 Added May Bull-a-Ton and Petition to Court of Appeals filing.

04-10-2011 Added CSPA Annual Meeting and OFF APT to Events Page.

04-06-2011 Added links to the Public Lake Cabins of Alaska on Google Maps or Google Earth.

03-26-2011 Added July 9th/10th Woahink SPB Splash-in on CSPA Events page.

03-06-2011 Added Links to Public Lake Cabins of Alaska.

02-28-2011 Added February Bulletin to Library.

02-20-2011 Added You Tube videos links to Invasive Species page.

02-20-2011 Added article about flipping a float plane over on CSPA Safety page.

01-31-2011 Added link to Boat Escape marina and campground search site.

01-24-2011 Added link to SPA's Flying America's Waterway to our Library.

01-08-2011 Added Yellowknife Fly In to Events Page.

12-18-2010  Changed Camp-sites to Lodging and added Woahink Lake rental.

11-06-2010 Added Link to Destinations and Fuel for Odell and Crescent Lakes

11-06-2010 Added link to Map showing Lakes Closed or with Cautions.

11-04-2010 Added Link to EAA article about Waldo Lake.

10-28-2010 Added Press Release about $25,000 legal fee refund.

10-28-2010 Added Seaplane Note: #1 on Seaplane Notes page.

9-30-2010 Added CSPA letter about Ross Lake to National Park Service

9-17-2010 Added pictures to '10 Wiley's Event page and '11 Wileys Event page.
9-13-2010 Added Links to comment information about Ross Lake

8-31-2010 Added August Bull-a-ton and Caution Wake Turbulence article.

8-27-2010 Added J-3 cub for sale on Classified Planes.

7-3-2010 Updated Events page.

6-26-2010 Added links to YouTube videos,courtesy of David Quam. on Factoids page.

6-16-2010 Added link to the CSPA June 2010 Bull-a-ton.

6-4-2010 Added link to USGS Mussel Lake Distribution on Invasive Species page.

5-31-2010 Added Links to Fort Langley Air on Learn-to-fly-floats page.

5-24-2010 Added a link to "Columbia River - A  Photgraphic Journey" to the
Destinations page.

5-17-2010 Added Tim Wiley phone number and pattern PDF to Destinations page.

5-11-2010 Added link to "Surving the Wires" safety video on FLOTAMS page.

5-2-2010 Added information and link to OSMB laws closing Waldo Lake

5-1-2010 Added Link to Google Map of Washington state waterways open to seaplanes.

4-27-2010 Added Library -> Forums page and links to seaplane forum sites

4-25-2010 Added 
Rose Festival NOTAM on Events Page

4-11-2010 Added Links to April Bull-a-Ton and May Annual Meeting flier on Bull-a-Tons Page
   Added link to sound from Oregon State Marine Board Waldo Lake vote.
   Added more information to Invasive Species Page
   Added link to Aviators Model Code of Conduct for seaplane pilots to our Pre-Flight page.

4-10-2010 Added Invasive Species Page and PDF list
   Added Link to WA-SPA Yahoo Group on Links Page

4-5-2010 Updated Events page, added CSPA Annual Meeting on May 16th.
  Added links to
Mountain Lake Seaplanes Training in Idaho

3-18-2010 Added Tavares Seaplane Base links to Boating with Seaplanes .

3-14-2010 Added page Boating with Seaplanes and 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes

3-7-2010 Added Mike Kincaid event at Twin Oaks Airpark on Events page.

3-3-2010 Added link for Stillwater Splash-in on CSPA Events page

2-23-2010 Added link to Waldo Lake for Everyone on CSPA Waldo Lake Access page

2-21-2010 Added Library link to
SPA BLOG  http://seaplanes.wordpress.com/

2-19-2010 Added link to 2010 OFF Annual Proficiency Training (APT)

2-16-2010 Added links to CSPA Partner Organizations

2-15-2010 Added J3 Cub video link on C-SPA Learn to Fly Floats page.

2-9-2010 Added article  "Waldo motor ban a disgrace to the democratic process"

2-9-2010 Added to Library,
"Alaska's Bush Pilots: The Real Deal"

2-5-2010 Added Classified For Sale - Edo 3500 Amphib Floats

1-30-2010 Added Link to January 2010 CSPA Bull-a-Ton on Bull-a-Tons web page.

1-28-2010 Added link to video of  Be-200 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft.

1-27-2010 Added articles about the fairness of closing Waldo Lake to gas powered motors.

Added News about OSMB Waldo decision on Waldo Lake page .

1-11-2010 Added letters from RAF and CSPA to OSMB on Waldo Lake page .

1-8-2010 CSPA January E-Bullitin posted on Waldo Lake page.

12-26-09 Beaver taking off from Cart at St. George, B.C.

12-04-09 added
Letter from CSPA Board of Directors

11-19-09 CSPA Noverber 2009 Bull-a-Ton and Federal Court Decision about Waldo Lake
links added. Notice posted: to Make your voice heard before December 15th.

11-10-09 Added link to Seaplane Pilots Association Australia  http://seaplanes.org.au/

      and their recent On the Step Newsletter.

9-27-09 Added link to build your own floats with Zenair Float Kits on Classified/Misc.

 9-25-09 Added Link to list of all Oregon Lakes and their state regulations.
           Put link on multiple pages, including Destinations and Oregon Lakes.

 9-20-09 Added US Forest Service regulations link about Waldo Lake.
            Added separate page for Waldo Lake and pictures taken today
            Added Seaplane Factoids page.

9-13-09 Added pics from 2009 CSPA Splash-in at Wiley's
            Added Upcoming event for 2010 CSPA Splash-in at Wiley's

9-10-09 Added Information and links to Destinations/Closed

9-9-09 Added CSPA Fall Slash-in information Sept 13th 2009.

9-2-09   Added 2009 Priest Lake event photos. Note: there are two ways to view the images. 1. The green bar has all the images in a lower resolution album. 2. Selecting an image on the 2009 Priest Lake page shows a higher resolution image. There are fewer images on the2009 Priest Lake page because it is time consuming to create that page.

8-23-09  Added pictures to 1948 Stinson subpage
Added Learn to Fly Floats page

8-17-09  Updated Link to Wiley Seaplane Base on Destinations Page

8-15-09  Added '48 Super Stinson For Sale Classified

8-2-09    Added CBP & eAPIS - Flying to Canada Guide  link to Pre-Flight
Added PayPal links to Join us! page

7-22-09    Forest Service Supports Backcountry Airstrips

   Umpqua Fly-in on August 27-30 2009

7-17-09    This site available for the Board of Directors to review.

7-12-09    Added note requesting landing updates and e-mail address to national SPA.